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About us

We are proudly a 'All Women' start up! We are happily entering our 6th year this November 2020!

Our journey began in 2015

We, as individuals, were always consumers of handwoven and handmade products. We are tuned to be in sync with mother nature and the natural alternative to power cut garments were handlooms. When we started Artison back in 2015, online presence of handloom sarees was negligible. Like they say, necessity is the mother of invention, we started Artison first as devoted consumers. A BIG THANK YOU to our dear patrons we have successfully completed half a decade today!

A perfect fit for your every day life

Why Handloom?

Handloom fabrics are hand-woven by artisan-weavers who make this a family profession, passion and pride. They painstakingly put together each weft, warp to create intricate artistry and weave this labor of love one-piece-at-a-time. Handloom Fabrics breathe well, they are cool in summer and retain body warmth in the winter.

All our sarees are handcrafted by weavers from rural parts of our country.  A weaver, sitting in a remote village, takes 3 – 10 days to weave a saree. Depending on the complexity, he moves his hands and legs 20,000 – 50,000 times! His family’s livelihood depends on the wages he gets. Other costs include cost of yarn, threads and dyes. Machine-made sarees on the other hand, are churned in large numbers in powerlooms and are very cheap. But there is no match to either the quality or the beauty of a handloom saree

We invite you to experience the richness and comfort of India’s unique heritage! You will not just feel good but also do good by doing your bit to conserve these amazing weaving traditions & livelihood of hundreds of skilled handloom weavers.

Our incredible team are here for you

Sudha Kannan

Sourcing, Curation and Customer Relationships

Madhumitha Narayanan

Technology, Mobility & Digital Outreach

Vaidehi Ayanam

Finance, Compliance & Accounting

Kalyani Varadachari

Transport & Logistics

In the press

Artison got featured in ‘Iniya Thozhi’ Program of Win TV showcasing Women Entrepreneurship. Big shout out to all our dear patrons! Thank you for supporting us. Kindly check out the program here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1191&v=8gK9IHMmJi0&feature=emb_title

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